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Miche Supertype 440RC

For 2019 the already extensive Supertype range has a new addition, the Supertype Carbon Clincher 440RC, available in both rim brake road disc brakes versions. The result of many years extensive research and development, Miche have moved carbon clincher performance up to a new level, a Ultra High performance Carbon clincher wheelset, the 440RC is a super lightweight, strong and highly reliable wheel at a competitive price.

Tested in the Miche Lab on our rolling road, to braking temperatures in excess of 250c, gurenteeing guaranteeing exemplary in the toughest of conditions.

The rim brake version is built with Miche UD carbon with a 40mm high tubeless ready profile with 17mm internal section, designed to work with 25c and up road clincher tyres, ensuring the correct tyre profile and load balance of the modern wider road tyre.

The rims for disc brake version have the same aesthetic profile as the rim brake model but the carbon lamination designed to strengthen the rim due to the different mechanical forces to which they are subjected with road disk brakes.

The wheels are assembled using double-butted spokes with dedicated spokes patterns: 18 spokes radial for the front, 24 rear crossed on the drive side and radial for the non-drive side in the rim-brake version, while for the disc brake version a 14 + 7 crossed pattern has been developed, for both front and rear wheel, to guarantee greater structural resistance and reactivity. Nipples are in Ergal for maximum lightness. Spokes, as with all Miche wheels, are custom-made by Sapim to Miche’s innovative design.

The Miche Supertype hubs for rim brake models feature oversize flanges built from a combination of carbon and AL7075-T6, excellent smoothness and long bearing life is assured thanks to the use of Miche specific ultra-performance SKF bearings.

Hubs for the innovative disc brake versions are made of AL 7075 T6 with oversized flanges. The DX hubs are supplied with a standard configuration for TX12 axles, with adapter included for TX15 front. A QR 9mm adapter kit is also available.

Exclusive materials are used for the freewheel body, which ls made of titanium and AL7075-T6 alloy. Freehub bodies are available, compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM gear systems.

Features Benefits
Wide range of wheel hub options. Campagnolo, Shimnao/SRAM compatible hub bodies. Road Rim brake or Road Disc brake hubs. Wheel option for every customer. With full spares back up. Spares kits for all common hub axles.
Wide range of wheel Rim options. Road Clincher or Road Tubular. Road Clincher are also Road Tubeless ready. Practical convenience of clincher tyres, or Ultimate performance of road tubulars.
All round rim profile of 40mm. Balanced rim profile to suit different types of terrain and courses.
New wider rim width Wider tyres, from 25c and up sit correctly on the new rim
New carbon rim layup with Miche special HTG resins Excellent resistance to heat and tyre pressure build up, maximum rider security
New Supertype skeleton CNC Alloy and carbon hub body Wonderful finish for a lighter and stronger hub, more effective spoke line gives stronger overall wheel
New hub freewheel ratchet system, 30 teeth, with new improved paw springs. Smoother and quieter freewheeling, faster engagement when rider starts pedalling after freewheeling
SKF ® sealed bearings, made to Miche specific tolerances. Front wheel double and rear wheel triple bearing races. Improved Hub reliability. Full range of spares available at Miche fair prices.
New Miche carbon rim brake pads. Greatly improved breaking performance in both dry and wet conditions
Miche exclusive in house machined, profiled and finished SAPIM ® spokes Lower wheel weight, increased wheel strength, improved reliability
Miche exclusive alloy nipples Lower rolling wheel circumference weight
DX hubs are supplied with a standard configuration for TX12 axles, with adapter included for TX15 front A QR 9mm adapter kit is also available, offering maximum fitment compatibility

Detailed specs

Supertype 440RC: 1476g
Supertype 440RC DX: 1545g
All weights + / - 3% manufacturing tolerance
Exclude wheel quick release (QR)
Hub Bodies available for;
Campagnolo CA 9-10-11 speed
Shimnao SH 9-10-11 speed
SRAM 10-11 speed (same hub body as Shimano)

Supertype 440RC: 18 Front - 24 Rear
Supertype 440RC DX: 14+7 Front - 14+7 Rear
Miche use exclusively SAPIM spokes, made to our custom specification in all our wheels. All custom machined and finished in our factory. Alloy 7075 T6 nipples.
Full Supertype Wheel Range+
Model Type Brake Front Rim height Rear Rim Height Tyre-Tub width* Weight RRP UK
Supertype 350T Tubular RIM 38mm 50mm 25>30mm 1340 £1799
Supertype 338T Tubular RIM 38mm 38mm 25>30mm 1295


Supertype 550T Tubular RIM 50mm 50mm 25>30mm 1375 £1799
Supertype 888T-50 Tubular RIM 88mm 88mm 23>28mm 1626 £1799
Supertype 440RC6 Clincher RIM 40mm 40mm 25>32mm 1476 £1799
Supertype 338TDX0 Tubular Disc CL 38mm 380mm 25>30mm 1430 £1799
Supertype 440RC DX0 Clincher Disc CL 40mm 450mm 25>32mm 1545 £1799
Supertype SPX5 5 Blade Crono0-50 Tubular RIM 50mm 50mm 21>25mm 2026 £2799
Supertype SPX5 5 Blade Front. Rear Disc. Crono0-50 Tubular RIM 50mm Road Disc 21>25mm 2175 £3299
Supertype 888T Front. Rear Disc. Crono0-50 Tubular RIM 88mm Road Disc 21/23>25/28mm 1933 £2799

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