Pistard Chainset 2018 Campag 11 speed, Grey

_Supplied on Bike OEM

by katirali @ 2016-02-23 13:46:04

I have been using Miche wheels since 2007 so I know them well. When carbon clinchers first came out they quickly gathered popularity but I heard worrying stories about durability and overheating rims falling apart! So I held back… when Miche launched their SWR RC wheelset they informed me they had developed an advanced rim to eliminate any of the above issues! So when I ordered my new bike I requested the new SWR RC carbon clinchers. I have always been a big fan of carbon wheels, I prefer the race-look of them to alloy ones but did not like carrying spare tubular, too much hassle.

The Carbon Clincher seemed to be the perfect solution. Perfect it is, the Miche SWR RC combined with good quality open tubulars were simply outstanding, from the first spin you could immediately tell how fast, precise and comfortable these wheels are. Braking surface is excellent, I have always used Miche pads they works very well indeed, no squeaking noise, no delay. On long climbs the SWR RC are just brilliant, they are not as light as the Miche Supertype but you don't feel this at all, the rolling resistance is smooth, quick and very assuring. Descending is very safe and never nervous or twitchy, on fast descends you can take a precise line and stick to it. No need for sudden braking.

The SWR RC hubs are one of the best I have ever used, third season and over 19000km later not a single time I had to service, same bearings, same hub, same spokes. And I have ridden them on some rough roads even white roads with plenty of potholes. If I have to sum these wheels up, I would say they are the best on the market penny for penny. Look great and perform brilliantly.