Pistard Chainset 2018 Campag 11 speed, Black

M T S Cycle Sport

by Denton @ 2016-02-24 12:34:54

I did own a pair of carbon clinchers before. However, braking performance was always a worry, particularly down long descents. Eventually, a lump and crack developed on one of the rims' braking surfaces. I chucked them in the bin, which was a shame as a carbon clincher seems to me the perfect 'all rounder' wheel – light enough, aero enough (with 38mm profile), stiff enough and cool looking. Plus you don't have the hassle of changing tubs. I dearly wanted another pair but couldn't trust them.

Then I read out about Miche's tough testing protocol's, especially on the SWR's braking performance. So I tested a pair. I don't know how they achieved it, but the wheels were as light as my old pair but seemed so much more robust and tougher. And the ride quality was sublime – smooth, responsive but also comfortable. I ended up buying a pair. I've ridden them for a year now, they're still as true as when I first rode them, the hubs are still smooth as silk and more importantly, I can break with 100% confidence. They've even negotiated the hairpins of the descent of Monet Grappa with no problems whatsoever. Braking performance is excellent, even in the wet. And there's no sign of delaminating, bulges or cracks. There are years of life left in these wheels.