Miche wheels. An amazing range. Part 1

Miche now offers a range of wheels which is one of the largest in the world. From Road to Track, MTB to Gravel, Cyclo Cross to Crono/Triathlon. Wheels for demanding professionals to entry level wheels for your first road bike. Miche has it all.

This is only half of the story, the design, R&D, product development and “Test Lab” is unique, no other wheels go through such stringent assessment, from raw materials to final build.

All Miche wheels are made in our own factory, in Veneto Italy, with many technically advanced and unique features. Miche wheels are engineered for maximum performance, reliability and resistance, our aim ultimate reliability.

All our wheels are designed to be 100% serviceable, with full spares after sales support. Mechanics love the logical simplicity of Miche design, ensuring it is easy to service our wheels across the full range.

At the heat of any wheelset are its spokes, at Miche we have partnered with Sapim® and build all our wheels ONLY with Sapim® spokes, no matter which price point. When it comes to engineering performance and reliability, at Miche we never compromise.

Most of the spokes used in our wheel range have custom Miche profiles, in our factory we take the standard Sapim® spokes and then re-shape them to suit the technical requirements of each wheelset.

To ensure consistency in reliability we have built our own wheel “Test Lab” each batch of spokes are tested to ensure they meet our stringent standards.